Response and Recovery Updates for Pottawattamie County Natural Disasters

Posted July 1, 2024
Posted by: Public Relations

This article was updated on 7/5/2025 and includes information that was not available at the time of the original publication.


Pottawattamie County, Iowa – Resources remain available for all disaster survivors from Pottawattamie County who experienced loss from the storms of April 26, 2024, May 6, 2024, and May 20-24, 2024. Federal agencies have established recovery centers in multiple locations to help.

FEMA Mobile Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)

Residents may visit a DRC to learn about disaster assistance programs, apply for disaster assistance, check the status of a FEMA application, help with understanding FEMA notices or letters, find housing and rental assistance information, get referrals to agencies, or meet with a Small Business Administration (SBA) agent. Click here to discover 3 ways how to apply for FEMA assistance.


SBA Business Recovery Centers (BRC)

The Small Business Administration offers low-interest loans after a disaster to help businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations, and individual households. Representatives of businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations and individual households are welcome to visit SBA Business Recovery Centers. Click here to learn more about SBA Disaster Assistance Programs.

Agriculture Disaster Recovery Center (AGRC)

State, federal and local agencies, in partnership with agriculture industry groups are partnering to provide a one-day walk-through event, designed as a resource fair, to provide information on addressing agricultural or rural needs not covered by standard FEMA or state programs. Click here for the Iowa Disaster Agriculture Resource Guide

Missouri River Flood Update

Local officials, public works & roads departments, public safety agencies, and levee/drainage district officials continue monitoring the Missouri River flooding and will soon begin assessing impacts, damages, and initiate repairs.

The river crested (unofficially) at around 11:00 a.m. Saturday, June 29th at 32.79 feet. The river began its slow and steady drop, decreasing to Minor Flood Level on Monday, July 1st, at a level of 30.4 feet. Current projections have the river dropping below flood stage on Tuesday, July 2nd. With the potential of severe weather and widespread rainfall in the coming days, the process to accurately project the level of the river is difficult and the possibility of additional flash flooding exists.

Residents are reminded not to enter flood waters and are encouraged to use best judgement related to safety. Motorists should not drive through standing water. As waters recede and roadways are cleared, motorists should not drive around barricades on roads that have been covered with water. Roadways may have sustained damages that pose serious safety hazards. If a road is marked as closed, it is closed, regardless of its visible condition.

Ongoing flood information and links to the latest road closures can be accessed on the Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency website, Property owners should report flood-related damage at

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