Jobs Part-Time Youth Detention Worker

Southwest Iowa Juvenile Detention Center

$16.5 - $/hour


629 6th Avenue, Council Bluffs

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The Southwest Iowa Juvenile Detention Center, located in Council Bluffs, is looking for part-time Youth Detention Workers.

The detention center is a 25 bed locked facility that houses both male and female juveniles between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

An individual in this position shifts and hours worked may include overnights, holidays, weekends, and on an as needed basis. However, an individual in this position can expect to work part time hours, flexible to their schedule.

Weekend differential pay of .50/hr. is offered.  

Please note, you MUST include 3 references with your application! 

Essential Functions

The Youth Corrections Worker is responsible for, but not limited to the following duties:

Ensuring the safety and security of all juveniles and the facility

The direct supervision and care of detained youth

Intake process of detained juveniles

Dispense medication

Conduct group sessions

Guide the juveniles through daily programming

Essential Knowledge, Experience, and Ability


Essential Education, Certification, and/or Licenses

High School Diploma or equivalent (prefer college hours).  

Must be able to pass a thorough background check, physical agility test and drug screening.

I have been blessed to work with a great group of people.  Not only on our IT team, but also my co-workers across the county.  I am partial to the IT group since we work so closely together.  They definitely exhibit a "team" philosophy helping each other out and stepping in when needed.  It is fun coming to work and awaiting the day's topic of discussion.  Very entertaining and lighthearted. Each day is definitely a new day.  ;-) 

Kellie Newell, IT Office Assistant
Information Technology
3 Years with Pottawattamie County