Jobs Cleaning and Support Team Member


$12 - $14/hour


Mt. Crescent Ski Area; 17026 Snowhill Lane, Honey Creek

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Pottawattamie County Conservation is announcing the hiring of part-time seasonal Cleaning and Support Team Members. This position will run through the duration of the ski season.  

Individuals in this role will work under the supervision of the Kitchen Manager and Kitchen Staff Team Lead(s) and will be primarily responsible for cleaning of guest areas. Additional duties will include limited daily food and beverage operation tasks. 

Essential Functions

Follow and maintain all sanitation and safety standards as outlined by law. This will include employee health and personal hygiene, proper food storage and labeling of food, as well as sanitization of kitchen equipment and prep areas. 

Ability to use the POS system to take orders from quests.

Assist with kitchen prep for opening which includes, but is not limited to, lighting fryers, prepping food for service, preparing hot drinks for service (coffee maker, hot cocoa machine), stocking coolers and snacks, refilling condiments and silverware, stocking napkins.

Assist with closing the kitchen which includes, but is not limited to, turning fryers off, storing all food properly with correct labeling and dates, cleaning and sanitizing kitchen equipment, cleaning food prep areas properly, sweeping and mopping of kitchen floor. Cleaning dining area by vacuuming, wiping tables, counters, stanchions. 

Perform dining area cleanup as required as well as restroom cleaning. This includes, but isn’t limited to, vacuuming, wiping tables and counters, taking trash out, cleaning trash bins, moping restroom floors, cleaning sinks, toilets and walls, dusting, restocking restroom items.


Responsible for restroom sanitation and restocking of toilet paper, soap and hand sanitizers. Cleaning of the restroom room will include, but isn’t limited to, sweeping, mopping, vanity and sink cleaning, walls, mirrors, urinals, and toilets as well as trash removal.


Assist Kitchen Manager and Kitchen Staff Team Lead in checking on deliveries and stocking items correctly.

Work with other departments when needed and perform other duties as assigned.

Essential Knowledge, Experience, and Ability

Ability to use a computer.

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Ability to understand and follow both oral and written instructions.

Ability to communicate effectively with team members and guests. 

Essential Education, Certification, and/or Licenses

Must be fourteen (14) years old at the time of hire.

Previous work experience is preferred but not required.

Flexibility to work during evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Must have reliable transportation to and from the ski area.

A career with Pottawattamie County was appealing to me because I want to make a difference in the community I live. Relaying important information and sharing exciting news on positive things happening around the county is very rewarding.

Craig, PR Manager
Human Resources
1 Years with Pottawattamie County