Community Services General Assistance

Pottawattamie County General Assistance offers four key programs.

Please fill out our pre-screen form to start the application process.  

Pre-Screen Form

Stipulations for ALL Pottawattamie County General Assistance Programs. All other community agencies have been accessed for assistance — General Assistance programs are to be the last resort.


  • All persons in the household must be lawful permanent residents or U.S. Citizens, 18 years & older to apply or legally emancipated adult.
  • Must be a resident of Pottawattamie County.
  • Sign a contract, which states that the recipient understands the requirements and expectations of the program, including repayment for any funding provided. The repayment would be based on their budget, whether it be $5-10 to begin a couple of months after the time of assistance. All adult persons in the household must sign the reimbursement agreement form. If repayment or good faith effort to repay the assistance provided does not occur then no additional assistance may be considered. 
  • Assistance can only be provided for the current month's rent. Any previous month's rent are not considered and must have proof that they are paid prior to General Assistance providing assistance for the current month's bill or a letter by the landlord stating that they are willing to work with them on the rent over General Assistance approval amount. 
  • Pottawattamie County does not help establish residency, i.e. Does not pay for a deposit nor the first month's rent. The only exception is if it is a domestic violence situation and proof via police report or letter from a domestic violence agency must be provided. 
  • Students are not eligible for General Assistance. This includes part-time and full-time. 
  • A person who has quit or been fired from employment in the last 90 days. If the person quit or was fired due to medical reasons then the person has to provide medical verification.
  • If the applicant or household member is a Veteran and service-connected, a denial letter from the VA office must be provided before being considered for assistance. 
  • Applicant must apply for and comply with all Federal, State and Local programs that they are eligible for, (i.e. FIP, Social Security, unemployment, workman's comp, Iowa Health and Wellness, etc.). Noncompliance of any program is grounds for denial.                                       

Assitance Provided

  • Current rent
  • Current utility monthly usage: General Assistances, electric, water
  • Propane tank (up to minimum amount to deliver)

General Assistance provides medication assistance (if not on Iowa Health & Wellness/Medicaid), including: 

  • Medications (up to $200 in a one (1) month period)
  • One co-pay per month at All Care Health Center (Interim Disability program only)
  • General Assistance provides Burial Assistance

Assistance Not Provided

General Assistance does NOT provide assistance for the following items. The below-referenced items are not an exhaustive list but have been areas in which assistance has been requested previously. 

  • Utility or rental deposits
  • Reconnect or disconnect charges
  • Hotel or motel
  • Telephone service
  • Cable television
  • Garbage
  • Mortgage payment
  • Insurance payment
  • Late payment fees
  • Past rent bills
  • Rent paid to relatives/friends
  • Storage units
  • Vehicles or vehicle repair; home appliances; misc. items
  • Over-the-counter medication without a prescription, smoking cessation, weight loss, narcotics, and other addictive medications (OxyContin, hydrocodone, etc.). 
Phone (712) 328-5645
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Hours 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
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