Auditor Real Estate

The Auditor is the Overseer of the County Plats. All documents dealing with the transfer of real estate recorded in the Recorder’s Office are also filed in the Auditor’s Office. Each document is proofed for accuracy and the chain of title researched. The document is then entered into the Transfer Record. Plat and Transfer Records are maintained showing the ownership of all parcels of land for taxation purposes.

Parcel Combination & Split Requests

A split or combination of lots or parcels of land must be approved by the necessary planning department.  If you live in the county (outside of any city limits) you should start the process with the county planning department.  If you live inside a city’s boundaries, contact your city’s planning department to sign off first.

We require that each tract or parcel is free from certified taxes and certified special assessments.

Title Searcher Information

The public is welcome to search through the Auditor's transfer books.  

Adding or Removing Someone from a Deed

The Auditor's Office can no longer prepare a quit claim deed.  We recommend that you contact either an attorney or title search company to have one prepared for you.

Copy of a Deed

Many real estate records are available to view online through the Recorder's Office.  Visit the Recorder's property record database to begin your search.


Looking to obtain your property abstract?  Contact an abstract or title company.

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