New Technology Will Provide Vital Roadway Information During Inclement Weather in Pottawattamie County

Posted December 21, 2023
Posted by: Secondary Roads

Pottawattamie County, Iowa – Severe weather has yet to hit the area this winter, but Pottawattamie County Secondary Roads announced the use of new technology that will greatly assist travelers when precipitation occurs.

Global Positioning System (GPS) devices were installed inside road graders and plow units for Pottawattamie County Secondary Roads over the summer months of 2023. The technology allows department administrators to track the current location of each unit in operation throughout the County. Thanks to a collaborative effort with Pottawattamie County Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a new Snow Event Map will track data provided by the GPS devices and allow travelers to view where assigned County equipment has been during winter weather events.

“When inclement weather hits, any updated information we can provide about our roadways can be vital in keeping drivers safe,” said Tina Treantos, Operations Administrator for Pottawattamie County Secondary Roads. “While this map won’t show specific road conditions, it will track where our crews have been and act as a valuable tool for our residents and visitors.”

The map is designed to automatically track data when precipitation is detected by radar. Once activated, map information will continue displaying for 48 hours. While some events may not need tracking, the software’s automation eliminates decisions around when department personnel should activate the technology.

“This will be highly beneficial during the big snowstorms,” said Treantos. “Citizens will have the ability to check their commute, transportation departments at local schools will realize the value - there will be several advantages.”

Secondary Roads department officials credit Jamie Petersen and Chris Nelsen of Pottawattamie County GIS, for bringing the large-scale project to fruition.

“It was truly a team effort to make this happen,” said Pottawattamie County Engineer John Rasmussen. “We presented our ideas to the County GIS department and that staff turned those ideas into a valuable asset for our entire County. We’re lucky to have them,” said Rasmussen.

The Snow Event Map is functional on desktop and mobile devices. To view the map, visit Pr.Pott.Co/SnowEventMap. Residents are also encouraged to stay informed by subscribing to email and text alerts for road notifications at

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