Jobs Detention Supervisor


$31.76 - $39.32/hour


Sheriff's Office: 1400 Big Lake Road, Council Bluffs

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Responsible for the supervision and performance of tasks which are required to ensure the correction facility, environment and inmates are maintained in a safe and secure manner.

Essential Functions

Assign duties and supervise the work performance of subordinate employees on assigned shift and conduct employee performance evaluations on a scheduled basis.
Ensure that all employees adhere to departmental directives and the Standard Operating Procedures at all times, document any violations and recommend disciplinary actions to the Assistant Jail Administrator or Jail Administrator as necessary.
Ensure adequate staffing of facility at all times through efficient scheduling and monitoring of vacation, sick and compensatory leave time.
Review, investigate and enforce disciplinary action for inmates.
Supervise and control inmate behavior in the correction facility through the use of direct contact, surveillance devices, patrolling and inspections of persons and areas.
Direct inmates while they are moving through the facility, monitoring actions and approving entry or exit.
Search inmates' persons, clothing, living areas and other facility areas for weapons or contraband.
Enforce procedures for secure areas to maintain general security of the correction facility.
Transport inmates safely and securely while outside the facility.
Maintain fire safety, respond to emergency situations and review emergency procedures to be initiated in case of fire, escape, disaster or riot.
Carry a handgun while guarding inmates outside the correction facility and be responsible for cleaning and inspecting a handgun.
Follow established procedures to record, admit and release inmates into and from the correction facility.
Perform medical support services including administering medication, arranging medical and dental care and supervising inmates during such care, investigating inmate injuries and determining necessity of emergency medical treatment, and applying first aid as needed.
Enforce inmate procedures and rules concerning such areas as mail, telephone, access to courts and visitation.
Provide interpersonal and human relations skills to ensure health and welfare of inmates.
Serve food and supervise cleanup as needed.
Establish, maintain and update inmate records, accounts and filed, including inventorying and securing inmate personal property.
Provide court-related records and legal testimony as requested.
Operate and maintain equipment, tools and devices related to corrections operations (i.e. corrections vehicle, photographic camera, cell doors, fire equipment, computer).
Maintain facility upkeep and report mechanical failures.
Periodically count inmates, determine their location and record inmate location lists.
Investigate, record and report inmate grievances and explain procedures to inmates.
Conduct inmate support activities and notify inmates concerning daily schedule.
Direct and control inmate hygiene, laundry, housekeeping and sanitation.
Provide administrative support to prepare reports, file documents and answer the telephone.
Perform other duties as directed or as the situation dictates.

Essential Knowledge, Experience, and Ability

General knowledge of and experience in using a standard keyboard for typing or data entry.   General knowledge of the basic principles of mathematics and the ability to post simple accounts according to established procedures.   Good knowledge of and ability to utilize supervisory and management techniques.   Ability to train others in the operational procedures of the correction facility.   Ability to complete and maintain systematic records and reports on personnel and work performed on as assigned shift.   Ability to understand and follow specific oral and written instructions.   Ability to retain composure when dealing with violent or hostile inmates.   Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, and to complete standardized report forms and compose brief descriptive narratives.   Ability to maintain the confidentiality of all departmental communications, documents and records.   Ability to deal courteously and tactfully with the general public, inmates, government officials, law enforcement agencies and fellow employees.

Essential Education, Certification, and/or Licenses

Graduation from an accredited high school or successful completion of the high school GED test.   Must have a minimum of two years experience as a Detention Officer.   Must possess a valid driver's license at the time of hire.   Must be certified as mandated by the Sheriff's Department within twelve months of the date of hire.

For me, it is the satisfaction of helping the community, and providing service both here and in Eastern Pottawattamie County at the Avoca Courthouse.

Lea, Treasurer
43 Years with Pottawattamie County