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Pottawattamie County invites its residents and visitors to recognize a team member who provided great customer care.

Whether you were at the courthouse or a county park, the law enforcement center or a community event, if you had a great experience with an employee or department at Pottawattamie County, we'd love to recognize them. Please give us details of your experience in our short form below!

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About Award Recognition

Pottawattamie County views elected and appointed officials as policymakers and staff as implementers of policy. To encourage citizen participation in government and promote public trust and accountability, the county wants to recognize employees who consistently provide exceptional service to our citizens, employees, and community partners.

By recognizing our employees who embody the five core values of service and accountability, ethics and integrity, job knowledge and skills, professionalism, and self-management, Pottawattamie County is reinforcing its commitment to providing the least intrusive government that serves the best interests of all citizens. The county's recognition awards will serve as a symbol of its appreciation for its employees who demonstrate the qualities that make Pottawattamie County a great place to live and work.