Pottawattamie County unveils new image, offers greater clarity for residents

Posted October 12, 2022
Posted by: Public Relations

Pottawattamie County, Iowa – Pottawattamie County officials expressed elation with a new era of communication, unveiling a modern logo system that represents the storied history of residents and communities Pottawattamie County serves.

The announcement was made Wednesday, October 12th, and comes after several logos and images were used to identify county departments and services. From Conservation to Public Health, colors and branding varied greatly. Most departments will now share the same brand image as Pottawattamie County, providing what county leaders say is much needed clarity.

“Today’s announcement measures excitement beyond words,” said County Supervisor Justin Schultz. “Sharing a common operating picture of the future will greatly clarify what we do for our residents. This takes Pottawattamie County to the next level.”             

Modern-day Pottawattamie County evolved out of the Pottawattamie Purchase of 1847. It was named after the Native American tribe Potawatomi, that once possessed the Iowa Territory. Potawatomi is a Native American term meaning “Keepers of the Council Fires,” or “Makers of Fire.” Pottawattamie County is paying tribute to its history with the new brand. Along with a large P, the logo features a feather transitioning to a flame with the new county slogan “Find Your Fire.” The tribe has given its official approval of both.

“Not only is the new slogan a reference to our great history, but to our bright future as well,” said County Supervisors Chairman Tim Wichman. “We feel ‘Find Your Fire’ can also describe finding your passion. No matter what that is, we’re confident you can find it in Pottawattamie County.”

The transition for Pottawattamie County includes updating brand imaging on the county website, multiple department websites, and county owned social media channels. Signage and county vehicles will also be appropriately marked, though completing those changes will take time. 

“This is going to be a process, but a fun one,” said Schultz. “Our logo is the work of creativity at its best. It’s an image that instantly speaks to you and draws your attention, leaving you curious for more.”

Digital presentations, letterhead, email signatures and business cards will also reflect Pottawattamie County’s new branding. The official county seal will continue to be used in official county business, but residents should become familiar with the new brand system.

“A brand is so much more than a logo, it’s an identity,” said Wichman. “With a shared image across multiple departments, our residents will easily recognize who we are and the services we provide. It’s a big deal.”

Pottawattamie County also announced plans to consolidate its online presence. Along with separate branding, several departments owned independent websites. The process to move content from those websites to the county website may take months to complete, but the Board of Supervisors believes that offering a centralized location for residents to find information on all county related services is an important step.

“The County is listening, and we believe that finding information about county government and services should not be a complicated process,” said Schultz. “Centralizing our resources and providing a user-friendly website will help simplify the experience and provide more effective routes for us to communicate with our residents.”

The new county slogan was created through a county employee submittal contest. Committees consisting of up to two members of the Board of Supervisors, and several employees, played an active role in deciding appropriate steps in the transition and selecting the final logo design created by Right Idea Media & Creative in Council Bluffs.

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