Pottawattamie County Recorder’s Office releases online database providing easier access

Posted August 25, 2022
Posted by: Recorder

Council Bluffs, Iowa – Finding information through the Pottawattamie County Recorder’s Office just became a lot easier.

The department announced Thursday, August 25th, the launching of a new online index book database. The move will help title searchers, real estate agents, and attorneys find documents remotely and in a timely manner.

"The new database utilizes a modern and intuitive design to help users easily find the book and page number they are looking for,” said Marilyn Hebing, Pottawattamie County Recorder. “We are really excited to finally share this project with the people of Pottawattamie County."

In total, 78 books, spanning from 1853 to 1989, have been scanned and can now be accessed through viewing digital PNG or PDF files. The high-resolution images allow for quick browsing and afford users the ability to zoom in to documents for closer inspection.

"You can imagine books from the 1800s aren't always the easiest to read but with the quality of images we were able to achieve, it makes the pages easily readable,” said Hebing. “You can even view and download the image from a mobile device."

The conversion of over 22,500 pages was performed by content management firm Neopolitan Labs, based out of Des Moines. Hebing says access to the digital images will also greatly assist residents on the eastern side of Pottawattamie County.

"We know Pottawattamie County is a big county and so we are always looking at how to best provide our services to people in all parts of the county. By making index books available online, we hope this will save residents time and money from driving all the way into the courthouse."

The index book database can be found through the Recorder’s Office website

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