Boy Scouts Troop 38 Installs Fencing at Arrowhead Park

Posted August 19, 2022
Posted by: Conservation

Taken earlier this year: This image of Cottonwood, Rustic Ridge, and Skyview cabins at Arrowhead Park shows privacy fencing placeholders. Thanks to the scouts, this fencing is now complete.

Special thanks to Boy Scouts Troop 38 of Neola, Minden, and Persia for dedicating their time to install privacy fencing along Arrowhead Park's three modern cabins!

Pictured below from left to right:

Front row: Victor Barress, Keagan Rice, Zach Ploen
Second row: Carsen Rice, Noah Ploen, Michael Shelton, Willie VanNordstrand, Jason Ploen

Boy Scout Troop 38 of Neola, Minden, and Persia pose for a group photo after installing six privacy fences at Arrowhead Park.

Students spent several hours on Wednesday, August 17th putting up wooden fencing along retaining walls located just west of Cottonwood, Rustic Ridge, and Skyview cabins. Fencing will provide additional privacy for cabin guests, ensuring a more tucked-away feeling as they enjoy lakeside views and recreation.

Please help us share a big, warm thank you with these scouts for breaking a sweat to improve our county parks.

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