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Public Health: 600 S 4th Street, Council Bluffs

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Responsible for swimming pool, spa, tanning, and tattoo inspections, inspection of septic system installations, testing water wells,  overseeing well closures and investigating health hazards.

Essential Functions

Conducts investigations on health hazards, resolves complaints and forwards repose to complainants.
Notifies property owners of health hazards and corrective measures; reinspects the same to ensure violations are corrected and in compliance.
Conduct proper and timely inspections of septic systems, swimming pool, spa, tanning, and tattoo parlors to physically verify compliance with applicable ordinances.
Collect water samples and forward for testing.  Perform consultations with property owners on test results and assist property owners with well closures.

Essential Knowledge, Experience, and Ability

Knowledge of and/or the ability to learn environmental health and sanitation practices and principles.   Knowledge of and/or the ability to learn state and county laws, ordinances, rules and regulations pertaining to health hazards, septic systems, wells, swimming pools and spas, tanning and tattoo parlors.   Ability to learn the application of state and federal laws and regulations that govern the activities of the department and apply departmental policies and procedures in the performance of job duties.   Ability to maintain the confidentiality of all departmental and client communications, documents and correspondence.   Knowledge of and/or the ability to utilize the ESRI ArcMap┬« graphic information system (GIS).   Knowledge of and/or the ability to utilize global positioning equipment (GPS) in field data collection.   Ability to read county maps and navigate accordingly.   Ability to complete standardized report forms and prepare clear, accurate and comprehensive recommendations and descriptive narratives.   Ability to accurately perform mathematical calculations in the performance of job duties.   Ability to utilize Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook computer programs.   Ability to operate standard office equipment and perform basic computer input and retrieval of data.   Ability to read a standard ruler and identify fractions of an inch.   Ability to communicate with the general public in a courteous and tactful manner, and enforce ordinances and other regulations with firmness, tact and impartiality.   Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the general public, government officials and fellow employees.   Ability to follow instructions, both orally and in writing.   Ability to apply proper telephone etiquette.   Ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing, and utilize proper grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.   Ability to independently plan and carry out work assignments while managing frequent interruptions.    

Essential Education, Certification, and/or Licenses

Enrolled in a Public Health related degree program.    Graduation from high school or GED.   Must possess a valid driver license at the time of hire and shall maintain it throughout the course of employment

I was fortunate to become part of the Pottawattamie County family in 2014. I haven't wanted to work any other place since. The personnel I've come to know have truly become like family.

Ryan, Deputy
Sheriff's Office
7 Years with Pottawattamie County