Jobs Animal Control On-Call Officer

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$17.23 - $/hour

Variable Hour - Part-time

Courthouse Annex: 223 South 6th Street, Council Bluffs

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This is an on-call Animal Control position and incumbent works at the discretion of the Animal Control Supervisor.   Reliable attendance when assigned to on-call status is required of this position. When on-call must be able to respond at a moment's notice anywhere within Pottawattamie County.

Under general supervision, enforces state and local laws regarding unlicensed, stray and uncontrolled animals.  Investigates complaints, captures animals, and assists the public in location and proper handling of animals. 

Application review will begin on October 23, 2020 and the position will remain open until filled.


Essential Functions

Responds to animal complaint calls from the public during on-call period.
Investigates complaints and captures unlicensed, stray or uncontrolled animals by snaring animal with a net, catch-pole or other device or by chemical capture.   Follow-up with complainant regarding disposition. 
Investigates and evaluates routine cases of alleged cruelty to animals and complaints of animals causing excessive noise.
Investigates complaints of animal bites, reports findings to appropriate authority and arranges for appropriate identification and quarantine.
Secures or cages animal in vehicle and transports to appropriate kennel.
Supplies food, water and personal care to detained animals.   
Examines dog licenses for validity and issues warnings or summonses to delinquent owners.
Educates the public by explaining state and local laws, codes and regulations relating to the care and control of animals, filing of complaints and authorities of the shelter.
Assist the public in claiming lost animals.
Performs computer input and retrieval functions to prepare and maintain records and reports including but not limited to: the number of animals impounded and disposition of each. 
Testifies in court regarding citations and disposition of complaints.
Attends various training courses, seminars and conferences to maintain knowledge of current trends and developments in job-related skills and techniques.
Operates a motor vehicle in the performance of job duties and must have the ability to pull a trailer if needed.
May be required to be on-call evenings, weekends and holidays.

Essential Knowledge, Experience, and Ability

Knowledge of and the ability to apply the proper safety precautions necessary to work safely with and around unlicensed, stray and uncontrollable animals.   Knowledge of the humane handling, treatment and care of animals.   Knowledge of basic species and breed identification of a variety of domestic and common wild animals.    Knowledge of the symptoms and behavior associated with rabies and other common diseases of animals.   Knowledge of and the ability to maneuver devices utilized in capturing animals, i.e., net, rope, cages, etc.   Knowledge of and the ability to operate a personal computer for data entry and the generation of reports.   Ability to maintain composure when working with animals which may be uncontrollable and/or dangerous.   Ability to assess animal behavior and make effective decisions regarding handling and capturing animals.   Ability to operate a motor vehicle with or without a trailer in all types of weather conditions.   Ability to learn and apply applicable sections of the Code of Iowa and state and federal guidelines as they pertain to job functions.   Ability to learn and apply county policy and regulations which impact job duties.   Ability to understand and follow both oral and written instructions.   Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, in English.   Ability to deal with the general public in a courteous and tactful manner, especially in times of crisis.   Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, Sheriff's office, government officials, supervisors, fellow employees and volunteers.   Ability to work independently and safely without close supervision.   Ability to read maps and to learn the geography of the county.

Essential Education, Certification, and/or Licenses

Must possess high school diploma or equivalent.   Experience working with animals is required.   Must possess a valid driver's license at the time of hire and maintain it throughout the course of employment.    Must successfully pass pre-employment screenings to include drug test.

For me, it is the satisfaction of helping the community, and providing service both here and in Eastern Pottawattamie County at the Avoca Courthouse.

Lea, Treasurer
43 Years with Pottawattamie County